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May 20, 2019 – May 24, 2019

The orientation programme, PARIVRUDDHI, at Jain University commenced with prayers to Lord Ganesha by Prof. Madhuchandirka, followed by Saraswati Vandana by Prof. Madhuchandrika and Prof. Manjiri Maslekar.

The programme began with the lighting of the lamp by the following dignitaries,

  • Dr. Vasu, Director and Center Head of Jain University, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • Mr. Naresh Deevi, Chief Growth Officer, Husys Consulting Ltd.
  • Dr. Shradhha Kanwar, Chief Learning Officer, iNurture Education Solutions
  • Mr. Sujay Nair, President, Corporate Relations and Strategic Alliances, iNurture Education Solutions & Dean, India, HETIC School of Digital Leadership, Paris
  • Dr. Jayaseelan GM MLI, Academic Head, iNurture Education Solutions
  • Dr. Vibha, BMS Co-coordinator
  • Prof. Chetan TR, BMS Co-coordinator

Prof. Manjiri Maslekar, Faculty, Soft Skills, iNurture Education Solutions welcomed the dignitaries by narrating and appreciating their contribution in academics and industry. 


  • Inaugural Address by Dr. B.A.Vasu

Jain Orientation Day 6In his speech, Dr. Vasu insisted on the importance of student attendance. He congratulated and thanked the BMS faculty members for their hard work and exam results in the even semester. He also spoke about several disciplinary behaviours that students must follow in the forthcoming academic year. His speech was very motivational, for both students and faculty. He concluded by thanking all the dignitaries and conveyed his best wishes to students for a smooth academic year.






  • Keynote Address by Mr.Naresh Deevi

Jain Orientation Day 7Mr. Naresh Deevi began his speech in a humorous way which held the attention of students. He shared his experiences to give a realistic overview and requirements that a management student must possess in order to acquire a decent job after completion of undergraduate studies. His session was useful as he shared his industry experience with students. Mr. Deevi also proposed an industrial visit for students to his own company.


  • Special Note by Dr. Shradhha Kanwar

Jain Orientation Day 8Dr. Shraddha Kanwar commenced her session by making students understand the importance of practical activities in the studying pattern and how useful it is for students from many perspectives. She made the students participate in a few physical exercises that were tricky and interesting. She went on to explain the importance of having a fixed study pattern that should be strictly followed in order to obtain good grades in the tests and the university examinations. She also encouraged students to adopt different study techniques in order to achieve maximum results. She used effective audio-visual tools for her sessions. Her session was participative and interesting with relevant and useful guidelines for students.


  • ‘The Future of Work’ by Mr. Sujay Nair

Jain Orientation Day 9Mr. Sujay Nair’s session was enthusiastic, participatory, and informative. He spoke about the basic mannerisms and qualities required to crack an interview. He spoke about personality grooming and how the first 7 seconds provide the best impression to an interviewer and increase the likelihood of getting hired. He provided in-depth information about placement methods followed by companies. He also explained real-life scenarios of where many desired job roles are diminishing in the market due to the advent of latest technologies. His speech also included the future impact of technology, replacing humans for effective work at a low cost. His session on the contemporary job market and opportunities was an eye-opener.


  • Special Note by Dr. Jayaseelan GM

Jain Orientation Day 10Dr. Jayaseelan gave insights into how an industry functions on the basis of market needs, demands, and supply of the workforce. He offered various examples in the industry related to international business and marketing with a recall of brands that made a difference. He also reminded students of various innovations and how they evolved as per opportunities in the market. Through this session, students were able to connect the dots between theory and practice.



  • Teamwork and Leadership by Mr. Pavan Makam

Jain Orientation Day 11

On the second day of the orientation, Mr. Makam, an ace Event Manager, organized a fun-filled activity where students were divided into groups of three and members of each team were blindfolded by their opponents to assess trust, listening skills, and leadership qualities among the team members. The activities were designed to give students a brief exposure to life after academics. The session concluded with an interactive exercise with students to ascertain their future plans and on right role models from whom they sought inspirations towards their goals.

  • Finance Vertical Session by Dr. Subramanian M, Academic Head, Financial Services

Jain Orientation Day 12Dr. Subramanian’s session was practical and useful. He shared information about several examinations that are of a high standard in the domains of banking, finance, and insurance. He also guided students on the right time to take up respective examinations and acquire good results, which will help in the career-building process. Dr. Subramanian also provided a clear picture of the opportunities students will have after clearing each one of the listed exams. The session was useful, informative, and a much-required eye-opener for the current, second, and third years.






  • Talent Round

Day three of the orientation was both challenging and interesting. It was the talent round where the students had to choose a country and enact its culture, economy, etc. Students came up with different ideas and presented them in front of the judges. Both as a group and individually students were given the space to showcase their talents like singing and dancing. The judges evaluated all students who performed on the stage.



  • Soft Skills by Prof. Manjiri Maslekar and Prof. Shilpa Chatterji

Jain Orientation Day 19

Day four of the orientation programme was loaded with challenging activities. Students were asked to find a partner and asked to tie balloons around their ankle. The motive of the game was survival of the fittest. The students, in pairs, tried their best to protect the balloons tied to their ankles and burst their opponents’ balloons. The activity was fun and also realized the importance of qualities like trust, strategy planning, teamwork, and leadership between partners and at an individual level.

  • Quiz

The icebreakers were followed by a quiz, with questions projected on a screen. Each answer led to a discussion and healthy debate, which helped students polish their soft skills along with developing a positive attitude.

  • Group Discussion

Students were divided into eight groups and given a topic related to soft skills. Each group had to present the topic in their preferred way. All groups were creative in their presentation styles. Few groups used role-play as their medium. Each group had to convince that their topic was better than the other group’s topics and defend.

The performance of the eight groups was judged by Prof. Chetan and Mr. Senthil. This sportive debate grabbed the attention of students and it gave an opportunity to express their opinion. It also gave the second- and third-year students a platform to work together. The debate ended on a neutral note where all the given topics were deemed equally important and interlinked to each other.

  • The Importance of Soft Skills by Mr. Senthil

Jain Orientation Day 20Mr. Senthil discussed his personal experiences in learning soft skills and also the importance of soft skills in every field. He also spoke of real-life applications of soft skills and how to use them. His speech involved the students and motivated them for the rest of the session.






  • Importance of Personal Branding by Mr. Lakshminarayanan

Jain Orientation Day 21The fifth and final day of the orientation programme began with a speech by Mr. Lakshminarayan’s on personal branding. He spoke about the importance of brands and how students should groom themselves in order to get recruited. He also made students understand that the talents or the abilities one possess are the qualities of their brand. He narrated real-life scenarios to drive home what companies look for in a student. His session was very informative and entertaining. He involved the students and made them analyse the kind of brand they need to develop, which will help them in their career.

  • Introduction to Business Management by Ms. Shri Raksha

Jain Orientation Day 22Ms. Shri Raksha, VP of Hitech Leather Garments, addressed students about the vast business opportunities that were available and how start-ups battle it out with big brands. She also informed students that anyone can come up with a start-up without the problem of insufficient capital as good ideas will attract venture capitalists. She also spoke about her personal experiences and the challenges she faced in her start-up. She motivated students by stating young budding entrepreneurs have great opportunities in shaping their ideas. Her session was motivating to students and triggered their inner confidence.





  • My Career by JK Sharath

Jain Orientation Day 23Mr. JK Sharath, Director of Finance at Deloitte, spoke to students about the market trends of jobs and their current demand. He explained how the current generation is missing out on opportunities. He encouraged students to make the best use of each and every opportunity.







  • Sustainability of Tourism Sector by Mr. Babu Koshy

Mr. Babu Koshy, the Managing Director of Haysans Travels, presented an amazing short and crisp session on the sustainability of the tourism sector.

The presentation covered,

  • Opportunities of THM sector
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the THM industry
  • History of Yatra
  • Trends in travel
  • Revolution in business (THM)
  • Qualities and qualifications required by the industry
  • Digital business forum
  • KTDC projects

Most of the students were happy and felt it was an intensive session and their perception, of course, was changed completely. In addition, students gained more confidence to excel in this profession.

The conclusion of the orientation saw winners of the talent hunt competition receive their awards from industry speakers who participated in various corporate sessions.

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