Master of Management Studies

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Why MMS In India?

MMS in India is driven by the industry-university relationship that helps institutions offer a pragmatic source of learning for students that decide to pursue the course over the traditional MBA.  

Given the nature of the course that is industry-oriented, the vast pool of corporates that until now doubted the quantity  of employable graduates in the country now have a better means to find their prospects.

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Top MMS Colleges In India

Top MMS colleges in India have consistently advocated the unique nature of the course and its viability in the global scheme of things. Few of the best colleges to pursue MMS in India include the following institutions.


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Other MMS Programs

Being a fairly pragmatic and industry oriented course by itself, universities insist on capitalising on its already dynamic nature by imparting more value added programs thereby empowering the students to face the business world with ample credence.

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Business analytics is the field where statistical, analytical methods and various processes are used to extract valuable insights that can enable crucial business decisions. By working on past business data, analysts can guide…

MMS Business Analytics