5 Reasons Why IISWBM Is The Best PGDM College in Kolkata

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5 Reasons Why IISWBM Is The Best PGDM College in Kolkata

A student that seeks to find the best PGDM College in Kolkata has a rather easy choice to make, IISWBM- Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management. Established in 1953, the college is the first ever to offer exclusive business education in the country and has gradually become one of the most sought-after institutions for students across India as well as abroad.

PGDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Management has been a traditional favourite among students as well as working professionals for the erudite boost it offers in terms of knowledge, employability and the palpable progress in career.

PGDM at IISWBM offers an enchanting learning experience. With Business Analytics as the specialization, students/working professionals may apply for any one of the following variants of the course:

  1. PGDM Business Analytics – Regular

  2. Executive Business Analytics – Weekend Classes Only

Business Analytics being a new-age course with nearly every competent business seeking qualified professionals from across the world, one can be rest assured about the career potential of the course whilst grasping invaluable knowledge in building businesses of tomorrow.

Here’s more food for thought as to why IISWBM is the best PGDM college in Kolkata, much rather, should we say  the best business school in Kolkata:

5 Reasons Why IISWBM Is The Best PGDM College in Kolkata

1. Student-Centric Education

PGDM Business Analytics at IISWBM is offered in an extended convenience as students have the luxury of choosing between the regular classes or the weekends only program. The curriculum is designed to enable each student that passes out of IISWBM to go out as an industry ready professional ready to take on any industry with fine conceptual and interpersonal skills. 

 2. Excellent  Recognition

Besides being able to assimilate industry-oriented education, students that pursue PGDM Business Analytics at IISWBM also get the pride of being alumni of the first ever exclusive business college in the country that has gradually become recognized around the world. The Indian government releasing a stamp in honour of IISWBM being the first ever B-School in the country in April of 2004 is a classic case in point.

3. New-Age Education

Innovation in education has been an abiding hallmark with IISWBM through its 60+ years of existence. PGDM Business Analytics in itself being a new-age course, the college understands the need for a holistic approach in transforming students into masterful professionals as they pursue the postgraduate degree

4. World Class Faculty

Faculty at IISWBM is one of the more impressive features of IISWBM. Alumni from here look back to the enriching times spent with their much-qualified teachers who apparently go out of their way in facilitating the best learning ambience for their students.

5. 100 Percent Placement Support

The college is known to put in extensive efforts into getting each student placed in a competent organization. Numerous programs and workshops are organized round the year to groom students into fine professionals with amplified skill sets.

The campus placement drive happens in two phases between October – December and January-March with students being allowed to offer their interviews to any number of organizations that attend the campus. A few popular companies that visit IISWBM include Amazon, PwC, TCS, HDFC, HSBC, Capital First, ICICI Bank etc cetera.

                                     Pursue PGDM Business Analytics at IISWBM

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