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The human resource department is responsible for effective functioning and managing the workforce within an organization. The most important functions of the human resource include recruitment, performance appraisals, training and development, and workplace safety. The HR also plays a substantial role in bridging the gap between the needs of the company and its employees through efficacious communication.

According to the latest RnR Market Research report, global human capital management market is expected to grow from $14.50 billion in 2017 to $22.51 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 9.2%. Thus, with an increasing demand of HR professionals in almost every organization and the challenging responsibilities, the popularity of doing specialization in HR is on the rise.

Why MBA in HR?

In recent times, the dynamic and prominent roles of the human resources team in various companies have increased the scope of HR jobs across India. As a result, a master’s degree in HR has become one of the most sought-after programs among many candidates.

MBA in HR is a two-year full-time program that will give you an in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of how human resources work. The benefits of doing an MBA include high salary, better job opportunities, and professional growth.

Read about the top 10 HR jobs that you can get after successfully completing your MBA program!

10 best, high-paying hr jobs in india

  1. Recruitment Manager – The primary role of a recruitment manager is to work closely with the company’s recruiters to manage the hiring procedure. This means, one has to oversee the processes of interviewing, screening, and evaluating potential candidates. A strong knowledge about labour legislation and hands-on experience in the new-age HR tools are crucial to this job. A recruitment manager in India can earn up to an average of 7 to 8 lacs per year.
  1. Human Resource Manager – Departmental planning, employee onboarding, policy development and documentation, employee relations, and performance management are few responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager. An in-depth understanding of labour law and HR best practices are important besides strong communication and leadership skills. Human Resources Managers in India earn about 6 lacs per annum.
  1. International Human Resources Professional – An International Human Resources Manager collaborates with the international offices to work on the recruitment, employee benefits, and HR policies. The responsibility is huge as the person needs to have current updates of the global job markets and be familiar with the cultural diversities. Being multilingual is an added advantage in this profession. International HR managers are paid more than a national manager.
  1. Training and Development Manager – Training and development is an integral part of any organization when it comes to improvement of employee engagement and performance. The Training and Development Manager is responsible for that. From conducting training sessions to organizing orientation programs for new employees, all these are taken care of by them. Excellent people skills and absolute compliance are required for this role. The T & D manager earns up to 8 lacs per year.
  1. Compensation and Benefits Manager – Compensation and benefits managers select and implement compensation and benefit programs for the organizations. Keeping in mind the budget of the company and the employee demands, they allocate the pays and perks. Therefore, it is necessary for the professional to have a clear knowledge of the company policies, insurance, and benefits.
  1. Labour Relation Specialist – Labour Relations Specialists require negotiation skills, knowledge of labour law, and good communication skills. The role of the labour relations specialist is prominent in companies where labour unions exist. They form the bridge between the labour union and the organization.
  1. Employee Engagement Manager – Employee Engagement Manager motivates the employees within the workplace and ensures that their job responsibilities are aligned with their skills and knowledge. Having a good rapport with the employees, understanding their needs, and recognizing their contributions are of utmost importance.
  1. Employee Safety Specialists – Employee Safety Specialists make sure that the employees adhere to the safety regulations within the organization and the workplace environment is compliant to ensure employee safety and security. They work with engineers and technicians to prevent potential workplace hazards.
  1. Employee Communications Director – An Employee Communications Director is responsible for internal employee communications in an accurate and timely manner. These include upcoming HR policies, company plans and performances.
  1. Risk Manager – One of the most challenging roles in HR is of a risk manager. Risk Managers work closely with the company to identify and evaluate its potential risks that may affect company reputation, safety, or growth and implement preventive measures accordingly. One has to have proper analytical skills and should be adept at organization’s laws and policies.

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