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Study Gaming Design at Sharda University, Greater Noida

It is fascinating how big an industry Gaming is turning out to be – over 2.3 billion gamers around the world are expected to spend at least $138 billion in 2018 alone, according to a NewZoo report.   

The immersive nature of the new-age games combining with the rapid progress in the user experience over modern devices only makes the industry all the more bounteous. Perhaps why students from across the country and abroad are vying to study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University.

Over 20000 students from 75 different countries study at Sharda University. The place offers a 65 acre delightful learning ambiance with copious amenities for all student activities. Here’s some food for thought for students that seek to study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University.

5 Reasons To Study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University

  1. New Age Approach

Amplified emphasis is laid on nurturing students skill sets and industry readiness. Students that intend to study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University can be rest assured about having an enjoyable time that involves as much joy in academics as it does with co-curricular activities.

 As may be understood by now, mere classroom gratification is the last thing one can expect at Sharda University. The academic experience involves a thoughtful combine of Presentations, Group Discussions, course relevant Games / Competitions, Interviews and Mentoring from the much experienced faculty at the campus.

2. Delightful Student Experience

Unity in diversity is perhaps the most apt idiom to describe the student experience at Sharda University. The campus has a splendid vibe with students from around the country and overseas combining to carry out the numerous cultural and sporting activities that happen here round the year.

In fact, ‘Chorus’ the annual cultural festival is considered the best college event in North India.  Exuberant participation from colleges around the world only adding to the happy atmosphere of the 63 acre campus.

3. International Exposure

Students come from over 75 countries annually to study at Sharda University. The cultural exchange one imbibes in such an atmosphere is indeed exceptional in nurturing a personality with global perspective. With such an eclectic mix of students, it is indeed a justified claim when the university pronounces itself as a truly global university.

Sharda University students that wish to pursue a part of their course abroad through its Study Abroad / Credit Transfer  Programs have an enviable list over 110 fine universities to choose from. The flexible credit transfer policy of the university makes it a rather seamless experience for students to go abroad in pursuit of their studies.

4. Entrepreneurial Encouragement

Students that study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University have another envious advantage one cannot but ignore. Sizeable scholarships are offered to needy or meritorious and needy students . Besides,  a whopping 40 lakh rupees is allocated for this purpose.  Students that prove to be efficient enough to take their ideas and make a valuable business out of it are open to apply. 

The scholarships are processed through  an enterprising initiative, Next Startup. In a rather appreciable move, the scholarship is open for all 12th standard students in the country. There is no limitation whatsoever.

5. Placement

A rather noteworthy point has to be mentioned here – there were 25 competent gaming companies in 2010. The number has now risen to over 250. Unsurprisingly so.  Everything about gaming today is a lot more suave while offering a highly immersive experience for almost all age groups.

Students that study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University are quite sorted with regards to placements. The university is known to offer one hundred percent placement support before helping students to gain in-depth skill sets required to thrive in their industries. Over 36000 students being placed across fine companies in the world since 1996 is a point in context.    

Study B.Sc Gaming Design at Sharda University



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