5 Reasons Why Ansal Is The Best BBA College In Haryana

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5 Reasons Why Ansal Is The Best BBA College In Haryana

The sun sets  in the west – obvious downright. It is exactly in this obvious drift that one considers Ansal as the best BBA college in Haryana, North India.

Any person that enters the 15 acre campus at the foothills of the splendidly ceaseless, Aravalli Range, is bound to be swept away by the verve of the picturesque campus that seems to just take the academic rigor by its stride as it shouts of an eloquent passion for life.

Ahead. For Life being the college motto is perhaps the truest reflection of the already esteemed institution which was formed not so long ago in 2012. Before one could wonder if this article is being much adjective, let’s find what makes one gush much about Ansal University, Haryana.

5 Reasons Why Ansal Is The Best BBA College In Haryana

Delightful Student Experience

Being found as recently as 2012 has helped the administration offer a globally competent ambiance of learning that is truly modern and intellectually stimulating to students that have been coming here from over the world.

The curriculum designed with insistence from various key players in the global society is apparently as practical as it is enjoyable to assimilate. Each student being motivated to learn and excel in a multitude of co-curricular events that span through the academic year makes for a delightful student experience indeed.

There are extensive convenience amenities in the campus, everything set-up in swanky order. The sprightly, serene vibe of the modern campus with such virtues is anything but desirable.

Extensive New-Age Courses

As a fact, each of us know that today, we are living in a world that is disruptive than ever before. Within such disruption lies an outright need for empirical education that ought be progressive and applicable in real life.

The curriculum designed by Ansal University bearing colossal in-house research and inputs from leading industry players blends progressive practicality within amplified simplicity across the list of globally relevant, new-age courses being offered by the university

Top Notch Faculty & Placement

The best BBA college in Haryana, Ansal University does have a faculty that is as impressive as it gets. The university is known to go the extra mile to bring in the best of professors and industry stalwarts not just from our country but from around the world which implies the explicit intent of the university to offer the best of learning opportunities to its students. Also, the student to faculty ratio is said to be lofty too.

Such capacious efforts to offer the best of education besides, the inarguably best BBA college in Haryana also has a commendable placement system in place what with a dedicated Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) that runs all the hard yards to make it a seamless progression for students to graduate into the business world as industry-ready professionals.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Bachelors in Business Management – BBA being one of the more popular courses worldwide lends itself amply to global perspectives – in this lieu, the university, in actually its nascent stages itself has developed edifying relationships with some of the finest universities in the world.

For the record, here’s a list of few globally acclaimed colleges that Ansal University is associated with.  Student exchange, International exposure, Study abroad or/and Research are few possibilities for students thanks to the titanic, collaborative efforts of the administration.

  • Saint Mary University, Canada
  • ISC Paris Business School, Paris, France
  • Deakin University, Australia
  • Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand
  • Woodbury School of Business, Utah Valley University, USA
  • Valparaiso University, USA
  • Eastern Michigan University, USA
  • Tarleton State University, USA
  • Valparaiso University, USA
  • The School of Business, Economics and Law at The University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Distinguished Recognition

One may still wonder if Ansal is actually the best BBA college in Haryana, such qualms are indeed tenable given the fact that the university is not even a decade old at the time of writing this post in 2018.

However, is it not a stupendous feat when the new-age university owns such glorious accomplishments as follows in the same time span that may evoke such wonder?

  • Awarded the National Education Excellence award – “Best Private University in Northern India 2017’
  • Awarded the ‘CSR Excellence in Education’ award for 2 successive years in 2017 & 2018.

In these times when, ‘where we study’ has become as important as ‘what we study’, deciding to pursue the eternally prospective business degree in the vivacious set up of Ansal University is indeed an optimal choice worth every student’s consideration.

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