5 Reasons Why Jain is the Best BCA College in Bangalore

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5 Reasons Why Jain is the Best BCA College in Bangalore

Every student or working professional that seeks to study in the best BCA college in Bangalore will have one common institution worth their consideration – Jain University, Bangalore.

Found in 1990 by Mr. Chenraj Roychand Jain, the college has taken giant strides to now offer one of the most recognised BCA degrees in the country. The college has thus far attracted students from over 35 countries, a glorious testament to its holistic student experience.

The university is as popular for its academics as it is for its glorious sporting achievements. Alumni from Jain University swell by the pride of being students of their alma mater as the university is known to nurture students as well rounded, eminent personalities.

For candidates deliberating to choose the best BCA college in Bangalore city, here are 5 compact reasons to consider Jain University at the top of their list:

1. New Age Approach

As a collective global society, we have clearly moved on from the conventional ways of approaching life. Naturally, a paradigm shift in education has become inarguably imperative.

The new-age approach to education at Jain University is anything but conventional. Students have a warm, friendly rapport with the faculty who facilitate industry oriented learning in a variety of innovative methods.

Technology is used generously to amplify classroom learning while much emphasis is laid on nurturing the skill sets and personality of the students. Also, the curriculum is designed keeping in mind the rapid progress we are set to make with inputs from some of the most erudite minds from across the world.

The dynamic founder, Mr. Chenraj Jain’s insistence of developing scientific thought leadership in the student community has also evoked the university to offer a variety of specialisations for students seeking to join the best BCA College in Bangalore.

2. Excellent Faculty

Jain University faculty has 7 departments, each taking stock of various subjects that come under their purview. All the departments coordinate to edify students in a seamlessly enjoyable manner.

Faculty at Jain University, Bangalore

  1. Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  2. Faculty of Sciences
  3. Faculty of Management
  4. Faculty of Commerce
  5. Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
  6. Faculty of Language
  7. Faculty of Law

Magnified emphasis is laid on nurturing students’ potential to the fullest. Being one of the top universities in India, faculty at Jain university is known to go the extra mile in having a personal connect with the students and help them progress into becoming fine individuals,

3. Global Exposure

Students vie to study in Jain University from all parts of the world. Till now, the university has welcomed students from 35 different countries which naturally adds buoyant vibrancy to the campus while helping students gain a truly global perspective

Also, the university has an astounding, 87 national and international collaborations which helps students of Jain University assimilate an elevated source of learning through programs such as International Student Exchange, Study Abroad, research et cetera.

4. 100 Percent Placement

Jain University has consistently stood out as one of the top universities in India when it comes to placements. Counselling, Nurturing and Grooming are three dynamic activities that happen within the university to help students come out as confident, industry-ready professionals.

Sustained emphasis is laid on helping students grasp the skills sets required to become virtuous, industry leading professionals. Parental care is taken in this regard as the university strives to foster better relationships with the best of corporates and startups.

5. Illustrious Recognition

Delightful learning experience in the campus going with a glorious sporting legacy across a multitude of sports has made Jain an undeniably memorable name across the student community in India and abroad.

Formerly, SBMJC, Jain University alumni have gone on to accomplish distinct laurels for the country proving the invaluable significance of its BCA degree .

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