6 Reasons Why Thakur is the Best Animation College in Mumbai

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6 Reasons Why Thakur is the Best Animation College in Mumbai

6 Reasons Why Thakur is the Best Animation College in Mumbai

In 1997, an institution with great hope and promise was formed – 57 students turned up.20 years down, over 13000 students from India and overseas study in the same institution that has nurtured critical thought in each of the many course it offers – Thakur College of Science and Commerce is clearly a chief choice for most students especially those seeking to find the best animation college in Mumbai.

It is but obvious why most students as well as working professionals are seeking to pursue Animation – the very prospects of bringing an idea to life and simplifying otherwise difficult theories or concepts is indeed much fulfilling. The fact that is a perennially in-demand skill across every industry makes it as lucrative a course as it gets.

The outright demand for virtuous Animation professionals being well-stated across every industry, it does take some doing for one to select the best place to pursue the course. For students in India or those wanting to study here though, here’s some food for thought.

Industry Oriented Learning

Affiliated to University of Mumbai, Thakur college is appreciated by its alumni and students alike for its emphasis on the need for students to assimilate learning that goes well, beyond the textbooks. Regular workshops and interactive events to nurture the skill sets is organised throughout the year as students soak relish their life at the delightful campus under the guidance of their high ranking faculty.

Erudite Faculty

Faculty at Thakur college is a eclectic mix of highly experienced professors with multiple post graduate degrees and young enterprising professors that combine to constantly nurture the learning experience of students.

The virtues of such erudite faculty is well stated in the words of their principal, Dr. C.T Chakraborty when she says, “This glory & success is because of the visionary leadership of the trustees and the dedication of our faculty working here”

New Age Learning Experience

The massive force of disruption we have been facing in the modern world clearly calls for a new age learning approach which helps students gain the skills necessary to progress and sustain in their professional lives. Thakur college understands this fact rather well and in association with iNurture, strives to delightfully enrich the learning experience of students. Emphasis is laid on innovation in every aspect that students learn from script to screen.

International Exposure

Thakur college is affiliated with the following international universities to date:
Penn State University, USA
University of Fraser Valley’s, Canada

The best animation college in Mumbai does understand that the world today is a more connected place than ever. In this context, it helps when students get to study or interact with their counterparts from a foreign university. The two international collaborations helps students in myriad programs like Study Abroad opportunities, Student Exchange and Research.

Impressive Academic & Co Curricular Competence

Students at Thakur College have consistently achieved distinct recognition in academics. Notable accomplishments include multiple instances of students securing a centum percentile, gold medals from the University of Mumbai for securing top ranks and being victorious in many a sporting competitions that only imply the holistic student experience one gets to experience here at state of art campus.

It only added to the glorious recognition of the college when Ms. Nehal Chudasama, an alumnus, went on to win the Yamaha Miss Diva Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok upon her incredible performances in various tasks.

Excellent Placement Support

Top multinational companies like JP Morgan Chase, TCS, Infosys and Axis Bank hire students in large numbers from Thakur college. The placement cell at the Thakur College plays a central role in organising robust activities throughout the year for students to not only get placed in reputed organisations but also to become fine professionals with adept skill sets.

Being a premier college that offers industry ready education in Animation adds a concrete advantage for students that study in arguably the best animation college in Mumbai to get placed in the best of companies around the world.

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