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The royal wedding. Our minds have probably envisioned the wedding before we could even elaborate over the same. Vision plays such a fascinating role in our lives! Over 65% people in the world are said to be visual learners with vision taking over half of the brain’s resources according to molecular biologist, John Medine.

Businesses today understand the essence of making the right impression to the customers and in such context, it is hardly surprising why nearly every business in the world is looking for fine animation and VFX professionals that can present otherwise complex theories in delightful ways.

While Animation as an industry has been growing perennially, universities around the world have taken note of the need for a holistic approach in Animation studies. One college that has made a distinct impression for its delightful experience for animation studies in India is ADYPU, Pune. The college is known to offer the course in a refreshing ambiance of practical learning with a curriculum that is designed to transform students into leading professionals.

5 Reasons ADYPU Is the Best College To Study Animation Courses In Pune

1. Innovation Oriented

A paradigm shift is being palpably felt across every industry today. Needless to say, there is now an abiding challenge for professionals to keep up with emerging trends and technology to have any chance of progress in career.

Found in 2015, ADYPU  boasts of a refreshing approach to education industry oriented learning is emphasized with immense encouragement for critical thought and innovation.

In fact, the university has an exclusive amenity to boost innovation among students in the form of Innovation Factory – it is a platform which helps students come up with progressive ideas to help develop new-age solutions to the pressing challenges of our society.

2. Flexible Curriculum

Students seeking to pursue the Animation Courses in Pune can be rest assured delighted about the nature of curriculum offered at the university. ADYPU offers students to customize the curriculum in order for them to have a truly enriching time at the campus.

For instance, when you take up the B.Sc Animation and VFX course at ADYPU, you get to customize upto 25% of the subjects which isn’t already part of your curriculum while also having a huge list of subjects that one can specialize in.

The customization facility is an amalgamation of the core curriculum and General Education. It  is bound to help students in various personality development factors like problem solving, critical thinking, communication, leadership, team building  etc.

3. Erudite Faculty

ADYPU faculty forms one of the most enterprising and dynamic network of professors in the country. The students to  teacher ratio is an impressive 15:1. Most of the faculty have rich experience of over a decade. A dynamic mix of young and experienced professors at the university helps students to knowledge in an amicable and simplified manner.

4. International Exposure

ADYPU understands the essence of a global perspective in its students. International  students that seek to study animation courses in Pune can contact The Office of International Student Services. It helps international students have a rather seamless immigration and housing experience.

More impressively, the university has international collaborations with some of the finest universities in the world. Students that pursue Animation courses in Pune at ADYPU can also go on to study in these universities thanks to the Study Abroad and Student exchange conveniences offered by the university.

International Universities in collaboration with ADYPU, Pune include:

  1. Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom
  2. Northumbria University, Newcastle, England
  3. New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA
  4. Queens College, New York, USA
  5. University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
  6. Strate School of Design, Paris, France
  7. University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England

5. 100 Percent Placement Support

ADYPU curriculum is designed to help overcome the most pressing challenges of the business world. This helps students to come out as virtuous professionals ready to take on their opportunities. An exclusive placement cell functions throughout the year to help all eligible students to get placed in the finest of companies in India and abroad.

Study BSc Animation & VFX  at ADYPU

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