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One of the most recent additions to the dynamic world of information technology is cloud computing. Cloud computing currently provides a massive number of opportunities for growth and learning to existing professionals. There are employment opportunities for architects, developers, IT security professionals, data scientists, and a lot more. Existing professionals in the IT industry can upgrade their skills to meet the demands of cloud computing. Many educational institutes all over the world offer programs to help anyone with a keen interest in the field to get a head start in cloud computing.

Skills Required to Succeed

Here are the key skills or knowledge areas that you need to possess if you want to make a mark in the cloud computing industry.

Database Management: Being adept in database management is one of the most primary requirements for any cloud computing job. You need to polish your database skills, especially with SQL and MySQL gaining relevance in the industry.

Programming: Programming is no more an optional skill if you want to make it large in the industry. You need to possess coding expertise if you want to have a good career in cloud computing. Ruby, Python, Perl, and Java are some of the most popular languages in the industry and learning any one of them can help a lot in the long run.

Linux: Linux is one of the most dominating drivers of the cloud computing industry, and you need to be comfortable with the platform if you want to enter the world of cloud computing.

Quality Assurance: While it might not be that visible in the first place, it is one of the most important skills that most software companies look for in the world of cloud computing. Quality assurance is highly relevant, thanks to the high levels of competition.

Security: Security skills and building the right defenses around all of the data that is put out on the cloud is essential for any cloud-based service. If you have the right security skills, you can make a mark in the industry as a security expert.

A Day in the Life of a Cloud Computing Professional

Designing and migrating applications to the cloud is one of the primary responsibilities for any cloud professional. Other than app development, building relationships with clients and customers is also something professionals need to do on a daily basis. Consulting for other projects and teamwork with other team members is common in the life of a professional. Quality assurance is also a part of the responsibilities. There are many niche areas of expertise and depending on what each professional specializes in, his role and responsibilities may vary.

Future of Cloud Computing

Rise in cloud-based apps: With a massive rise expected in cloud-based apps and services, the industry is set to grow massively over the next few years and you should update your skills if you want to join while it is still growing.

Cloud-based development: Cloud-based development is one of the key growth areas of cloud computing, and you can expect it to increase in the next three years.

Hybrid cloud adoption: Hybrid cloud technology is becoming popular, with enterprises investing in the technology rampantly. It is set to be a part of at least 50% of the enterprises by the end of 2017.

Subjects Taught in Cloud Computing Programs

Virtualization, types of virtualization, its benefits and back end concepts: It is one of the most fundamental subjects taught in cloud computing programs. Understanding the cloud environment allows you to know the basis of subsequent modules in any program.

Cloud as IaaS: This involves understanding the private cloud environment and the QRM cloud, creation and management of EC2 and EBS, etc.

Setting up a cloud network: This involves understanding the method of setting up a cloud network and utilizing plug-ins to make the most out of your application. It also involves integrating multiple tools and services to a service and integrating private and public cloud servers.

IT professionals who are keen to upskill themselves in a new sector can get on the cloud computing bandwagon and explore a promising, young field.


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