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3 Reasons Why AdtU Is The Best College To Study BSc Courses In Assam

Serene in the face of hurry and calm against the chaos of a conventional city lies the 80 acre lush green campus of ADTU – Assam downtown University.

Every year, students seeking to pursue B.Sc courses in Assam flock in numbers in the hope of getting an admission here perhaps for the sheer pleasure of grasping new age learning methods in a campus that nearly feels like an exotic resort except, in convenient proximity.

Foreign students that arrive to study in ADTU swear by the inspired learning experience while making memories for a lifetime what with the spectacular campus that stretches in all ease to the mesmerising North-East Indian region, Thailand, Bhutan and Bangkok.

Apparently, over 4000 students from 20 Indian states and 5 different countries study in ADTU that was found not so long ago in 2010 by the altruistic Downtown Charitable Trust. It has to be stated in this context that ADTU is only the second private university to be set up in Assam and arguably the best college to pursue BSc courses in Assam.

3 Reasons Why AdtU Is The Best College To Study BSc Courses In Assam

New Age Learning Experience
The administration at ADTU understands the massive force of disruption we have been embracing as a collective global society. In this regard, the university emphasises the express need for students pursuing BSc courses in Assam (or any course for that matter) to become dynamic personalities with adept industry oriented skills.

The university has instituted dynamic platforms like downtown Venture Labs, IDEAS and MANTHAN in pursuit of nurturing the enterprising nuances of students and help them come out as professionals not just with an esteemed B.Sc degree but as professionals of ample credence and resourceful ability.

Excellent Infrastructure
A competent study of science demands extensive conveniences for students to fully grasp the knowledge offered by the textbooks and the faculty. In this regard, students at ADTU are equipped with the best of facilities that include the following among a many others:

  • Comprehensive research facilities
  • Full equipped laboratories
  • Library consisting of 20000 volumes
  • 80 acre lush green, eco friendly campus
  • Extensive sports and recreation facilities
  • Modern workshop conveniences
  • Exclusive hostels to accommodate 1000 students

Comprehensive Placement Support
The placement cell at AdtU plays a pivotal role in this regard as it organises constructive interactions between the students and corporate / government institutions throughout the year while creating a robust talent capital to facilitate efficient placements.

Students pursuing the B.Sc courses in Assam downtown University have a fairly seamless progression from university to the industry considering the thoroughbred support offered by the placement cell

Entrepreneurial interests of the students are encouraged through various accelerator and incubation programs, also, myriad soft skills and interpersonal competence is nurtured for students to thrive in any profession students choose to pursue their studies.

B.Sc course being the popular subject of study that it is, is offered by most recognised universities across the world. For students seeking a pragmatic learning and a progressive student experience in a delightfully idyllic ambiance however, AdtU offers not just the promise of all that has been stated thus far but the distinct pride of being alumni of a new-age university that is bound to become a centre of excellence for those in the pursuit of an erudite study of science.

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