Best College to Study Film Making Course in West Bengal

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Best College to Study Film Making Course in West Bengal

It is incredible how every professional worth their salt recommends Techno India when an aspiring student seeks to find the best college to study Film Making course in West Bengal.

Found in 1985, the college strives to enrich the personality of students as it nurtures their skill sets from ‘script to screen’, There are three key aims behind each of the many activities that happen in the 2 million square feet campus throughout the year:

  • Intellectual Development
  • Research Proliferation
  • Skill Enhancement

Besides being particularly insistent on enriching the student’s skill sets in progressive ways, Techno India has also emerged to be known as an institution that nourishes the futuristic prospects of the students that goes well beyond its academic rigour.

Film Making as a course has clearly grown from strength to strength and is now one of the more sought after courses by students around the world. While it was indeed considered unconventional back in time, the course with its new-age approach now offers a wide range of employment opportunities.

Promising professions that one could pursue post completing the film making course include:

  • Concept Artist
  • Screenwriter
  • Casting Director
  • Art / Film Director
  • Product Designer
  • TV/ Movie Producer
  • Director of Photography

For instance, over 800 television channels are telecast in India – now, considering the diverse requirements that each T.V program has, one can imagine what a significant industry Film Making could become going forward considering the pragmatic need for qualified professionals.

While T.V is one medium, it  is anything but a bounteous field when one adds cinema and the quotidian need for fine film making professionals in the corporate world to create engaging content for all digital activities.

Upon colossal research of the viability of the course, Techno India is known to have invested enormously into the curriculum and the resources required to equip students with the best of infrastructure for students to pursue the Film Making course in West Bengal.

Students that pursue the 4 year film making course generally study progressive and scalable subjects like 3D Animation, Practical Filmmaking, VFX, Film Direction, Cinematography, Sound Effects and Post Production to name a few.

Students seeking to pursue the filmmaking course in West Bengal compete to get admission in Techno India as the college is known to provide a delightful learning experience through the 4 year course culminating with an almost assured promise of getting placed – college boasts of a 90 percent placement record.

The college is further endowed by it’s charismatic chancellor, Mr. Meghdut Roy Chowdhury whose discerning vision into  the future of the business world adds a vibrant vibe to already sprightly campus experience.

Besides equipping students with the best of courses and enabling a boisterous placement process, Techno India is also known to help students with Incubation and Acceleration support for those inspired students seeking to innovate and make a positive difference to their industry already.

In times where competition to serve the customers better has become perennial in every industry, the need for qualified professionals with erudite skill sets has become downright compulsory. It is exactly in this context that Techno India has emerged to offer students seeking to pursue the film making course in West Bengal a delightfully progressive experience.

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