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Digital media production entails the development, creation and editing of videos that make use of digital or computer-based mediums of recording in place of traditional analog methods using films. There are multiple career choices available for students who want to pursue this field including technical, management and creative positions. Several job titles in industry for digital media production have their very own educational requirements along with specific salary expectations.

Important Information

A bachelor’s degree program in digital media production offers students the scope of exploring video work in films, television, news and sports for becoming proficient in the required skills. He students pursuing a career in this field get an idea about scriptwriting, camera operation, editing techniques and camera-assisted creation. However, the ones, who look forward to completing a degree program, need to successfully complete their general education courses like math, history, science and English. Coursework within the degree program entails hands-on work with film development and interactive-editing software and the use of professional audio-visual tools.

Popular Careers in the Field

Individuals who successful complete their studies in digital media production gain the ability to work for cable corporations, independent film studios and broadcasting companies. There are a large number of digital media production careers in broadcasting and filmmaking and this also includes Internet broadcasting. Some of the best career options in this field include:

Multimedia Artists

These professionals make the effective use of computers for making pictures for the animated videos which are used on Internet websites, television and even in films. These artists generally offer their services to production companies and they might even be self-employed working for a number of employers at the same time. Multimedia artists are also known as animators and they require a bachelor’s degree for working in this field.

Digital Media Producers

The digital media producers serve in the form of head business managers for different production companies. These individuals invest their own money into different assignments and take the final decisions in regards to the sound and look of assignments. They come up with a budget for a project and obtain loans and even get into the contact of different investors for getting the required finance. Producers monitor the progress of a project as per time schedules and other budgetary constraints that govern the project.

The digital media producers carry out the job of coordinating and managing the creation of quality content for digital formats like DVDs and for perfect distribution by way of the Internet.  Professionals willing to work as producers in this field need to possess a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree in any relevant field like business or arts management. The employers generally look out for candidates with proper experience in directing and management. The mass communications companies generally take the services of digital media producers for delivering the digital versions of their content online. The producers working for the internet-based companies carry out the task of creating exclusive text, visual and audio content like online games and blogs for web-based distribution and publication.

Sound Engineers

The sound engineers make use of technical devices for creating audio tracks which are used in digital media. They make use of microphones during the recording for capturing sounds like the voices of actresses and actors. They also use microphones for capturing the music made by the live performers. The sound engineers make sure that the sound that is recorded possesses good quality and they might also request additional recording if necessary. The mixing technicians combine the different recorded sounds after the recording phase. Sound engineers are also called music editors or recording engineers and their services are of great demand in movies, television shows and other media varieties.

Video Editors

These professionals take all the footage for digital media production and blend them into the correct order. Video editors might eliminate or shorten scenes under the instructions of the digital media producer. Editors generally make the effective use of different advanced tools and devices for completing their work and they even watch the footage of their work on monitors. Different employers have different educational requirements for video editors but post-secondary training in such production or in any other related field is important for working in the form of an editor.


Digital media production is no longer confined to only a few television and movie studios. There are different varieties of other media production careers available in addition to the ones that have been mentioned above. These include careers like television production assistant, visual effects (VFX) artist and camera operator.

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