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Stepping into the current film industry holds a larger challenge compared to classic Filmmaking. The digital era has definitely changed the game of making motion pictures. Today, digital technology has transformed the way how movies are made. Digital Filmmaking opened new opportunities and possibilities to filmmakers of both low cost films and big budget blockbuster films. This also comprises the same way that copyright infringement software shields these films. Therefore, if you’re a filmmaker, whatever output or type of film you want to achieve, you can play around using the latest technological advances.

Digital Vs. Conventional

In general, filmmaking is an expensive activity. Directors have to look for major studios that could invest a big amount needed to produce a movie. As for digital Filmmaking, the digital motion picture cameras may be expensive, but it is a significant, long term investment.

Digital Filmmaking is a type of Filmmaking where you use digital cameras or a computer to create characters, environments and other extensive features. Digital storage has reduced and simplified the costs of making movies. Compared to films, storage in digital cameras cost less, lasts longer and is safer. Over a long period of time, films degrade and will actually decompose. Improper storage and protection may destroy the print of the film which ultimately results to losing classic movies forever.

The move from celluloid to digital has unwrapped up huge prospects for special effects resulting to the growth of fantasy movies and science fiction. Film characters are not restricted to explore only our world. Now, filmmakers have the tools to visually depict imaginary worlds with digital technology. Movies feature computer generated imagery (CGI) while some combine both CGI and live action using revolutionary new motion-capture techniques. Accordingly, movie creations are more out of this world than ever.

As we’ve gone digital, the public’s movie experience has become a lot poles apart. In the past, users was used to watching films without color. Each motion picture was black and white. On the other handcurrently anyone can enjoy a movie in full color with surround sound. They can even have a 3D experience if they like to. The number of choices given to every movie goer is just one of the things that prove that Filmmaking has really developed.

Apart from the internet, the widespread use and application of digital technologies are shaping the future of film. At present, the way movies are consumed and distributed has also changed. People can stream or download the videos, and with video-on-demand services users can watch their favorite shows and movies whenever they like. Unfortunately, some individuals choose to share copyrighted resources without the owners’ permission, which is illegal. When you download a movie, you are stealing from the content owner’s compensation. So, content owners and their partners use copyright infringement software to detect any digital piracy.

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