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Being in the Human Resources department of a company is not just a cool job but also one that’s of paramount importance to a company. Especially in the present era, where MNCs and other blooming companies are creating a storm in the market, there is an ever-growing requirement and demand for bright and brilliant HR professionals who can manage a company workforce and its other sections effectually and successfully.

No business organization can be conceptualized in the first place without keeping in mind the required manpower and take actual shape without bringing together a good team- the workforce, which is technically called the ‘Human Resources’. Hence, it becomes imperative for a company to appoint an intelligent and adept professional, known as the HR manager, to handle and manage the manpower that can carry out various jobs of the company dedicatedly and fetch it success and prosperity.

Working with people is never easy, managing them on top of it, is even more tricky and challenging. The job entails dealing with people of different nature, characteristics, mindsets, caliber, ambitions, etc., which is bound to create conflicts from time to time. Therefore, it requires a smart and sensible manager who not only holds a professional degree in HR but also possess the practical knowledge of how to go about performing his/her job tactfully and effectively while maintaining a positive working environment and attitude in the team.

It’s indeed a field for those with a passion for interacting and dealing with people. The candidate aspiring for a career in HR is expected to have certain qualities that this arena demands, such as effective communication/interpersonal skills, an impressive personality, art of persuasion, leadership skills, decision-making and conflict-resolution skills, technical know-how of the specialized area et al.

Avenues to Pursue

When it comes to this field of work, there are increasingly bigger and better options opening up these days for aspirants to choose their path from, which also hinges on their area of inclination, competence and aim. One can pick either the standard MBA degree/program or go for certain specializations to heighten the prospects of their career growth in human resources.

For being specialized in a particular domain, one can opt for finance, education, business management, information technology, recruitment and placement, training and development, compensation and benefits or labor relations etc.

The various job profiles in the area of human resources can be:

  • Handling the generalist, management role in a company where the manager has to hold one-on-one interaction with the staff, give them company guidelines, solve issues and grievances and ensure that the staff works in compliance with the company regulations, expectations and goals.
  • Being a training and development manager, which also comes with an enormous scope like working in highly-professional companies of international standard and repute, being a part of corporate events, workshops, conferences etc.
  • One can also choose to be an HR consultant, wherein the professional has the freedom to work as per their own wish and charge on an hourly basis, from the company they associate with.
  • Being an executive recruiter is another wonderful option that HR professionals can select for their career-track. Conducting interviews, and hiring the right talent for the company, among others is what it encompasses.
  • With the spike in the IT sector in the recent times, there is an immeasurable scope of career advancement in the sphere of IT specialist HR jobs. Working with the brainy IT experts in the industry and managing the technical team of a company has its own challenges that come with their own generous perks.

Apart from these, there are other profiles such as, Employee relations manager, Labor relations manager, Compensation/ benefit analyst manager, Payroll manager, HR information systems manager etc. All these jobs are highly-demanding because of their significance in the overall smooth functioning and flourishing of a business, however, they always bring along countless perks.

The Edge and Rewards Galore

Building and strengthening a career in the line of Human Resources definitely gives its professionals a distinct edge and myriad benefits. These advantages are what put and sustain them in the top league, provided that the professionals are dedicated, competent and diligent. Some of the most important rewards from among the long list are:

  • Handsome pay package
  • A respectable and powerful job profile
  • Working with top-notch, high-value companies in the niche
  • Highly-challenging yet invigorating jobs in charged environments that keep one competitive and always forging ahead
  • Numerous growth avenues in terms of not just money and position but also personal skills and expertise
  • Enjoying working as nothing less than a boss, leading and guiding, hiring and firing people

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