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Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. There has been enormous technological development in this domain in the recent past. Animation technology went through a huge transformation from 2-dimensional white and black images to highly realistic 3D images that are being produced using advanced 3D software.

In today’s digital world, the application of animation industry is not just limited to films. It facilitates exciting career opportunities in a large number of creative industries such as Advertising, Print Media, (Magazines, News-papers etc.), TV production and Gaming. India has successfully produced 3D animated movies such as Kochadaiiyaan, Hanuman and Bal Ganesh and achieved a positive reputation in this industry worldwide. The success of animated movies has also encouraged the introduction of several new advanced animation software products in the market too.

Animation industry takes the full advantage of the fast-growing entertainment and marketing sectors. Brands are always a step ahead to leverage new audience and it’s a key trend in every sector. Animated content attracts the new audience more effectively. The gaming industry is three times bigger than Hollywood industry. Both the industries welcome students with specialized knowledge in 3D animation technology.

Animation in Virtual Reality

In the year 2016, virtual reality took its first significant steps in animated storytelling. Animation is best connected with virtual reality, as it is convenient to control the interaction between the viewers and the subject they’re viewing. For example, a slight movement of headset can trigger a precise action resulting in an immediacy and intimacy to the interaction.

Earlier, the target audience of animation industry was children under 9 years. But now, the trend has completely changed and introducing stunning visual effects in animated films has fond appeal with teenagers and adults alike. The audience connect easily with the 3D animated characters, as it touches their emotions with awe-inspiring special effects. The 3D animation technology has been appreciated by the young and the old alike, around the world.

During the initial days, animated films were produced on limited budgets because it was not a profitable. Today, animated movies involve many latest technologies and they tend to attract the largest budgets and achieve the highest box-office collections.

Career Trend

The advent of the internet and the increase of satellite channels has boosted the industry to the next higher level. As a result, several new animation courses have been introduced by many reputed education institutes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Visual Principles and Syntactic
  • Animation Scripting and Technique
  • Photo Communication
  • BA (Hons.) Design Ecologies
  • Special Effects
  • Computers for Animation
  • Animation Engineering
  • 3D Studio Max Complete
  • Z- brush
  • Combustion
  • System Management

Animation industry has come a long way and showed phenomenal changes during its 140 years of existence. But the Soul, Personality, and Temper, which the animation artist gives to characters, still remain central.



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