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With the booming value of the sector of marketing, the number of people opting marketing as a specialization in their MBA programs is rising drastically. Every second person aspires to become an MBA professional excelling his career in the marketing zone. Many students qualify as well but very few of them touch the sky of success.

It is essential to choose the right specialization in your MBA program. Many things need to be considered; out of which the most important thing is your personality traits. If you wish to become a successful marketer after your MBA, there are some must have personality traits.

Intellectual Ability: If you have the ability to contemplate the situations and mould yourself accordingly then you have brighter chance to become one successful marketer. As in the marketing business, you need to be smart and easily able to handle the pressure, work and the stress.

Your intellectual ability is evaluated on the basis of your past career and the admission test you appear in. You need to have a multidimensional background in your undergraduate program to clear your chances of securing a seat in a reputed college.

Quantitative orientations: Marketing is for those who can do numbers. You must have a good hand with the numbers to prove your potential in the marketing sector. There is no hardcoremathematics required but a quick shuffle of numbers will make you eligible for the admissions.

If you come from an engineering background then the questions have an end for you but if you have some non-mathematics years of study then you need to be assessed on some more pre-luminary examinations.

Maturity and professionalism: It is very important that your personality and maturity level is checked before offering you the admission in some college. You might be older but not mentally. Your maturity level decides many things- one of which is your decision-making ability. This ability makes you the perfect marketer as you know how to assess any situation and the right way out of it.

How you react under pressure is what matters a lot. As the marketer job is a dynamic profession, you need to have a quick to react personality.

Leadership: You do not do MBA to become a lower level employee right? So, there is no need to waste your time in learning how to become one. You must focus on the skills of a leader and try to develop such skills from the very start. While the admission committee asks you the basic questions about yourself and your future plans, they are seeking the knowledge of what are your leadership skills.

You need to have the zeal of working in a team as well as independently. If you succeed in it then surely marketing is the right choice for you.

Strong and extrovert personality: As said earlier, Marketing is a very dynamic field. It is ever changing; some changes are good while others are not. You as a marketing professional need to have a strong and dynamic personality to keep pace with these changes.

Also, a marketer is the one who has the ability to persuade everybody. This is only possible when you have an extrovert personality which enables you to converse with people more openly and convincingly. If you do not know how to handle people then MBA in Marketing is most likely not your cup of tea.

The Killer instinct: Competition is one thing you might face everywhere. Be it the admissions, the interviews, the jobs or your personal life; you have to face many challenges to come out as a successful man. The one who has the instinct to cut back all the competition around him is the clear leader in the sector.

Team Player: Marketing something is not a one man job. You need to have the team spirit in you. From team –spirit we mean both as a team player spirit and a team director spirit. You need to play two roles at a time- the one as a team member and the other of an invisible team leader. You must have the ability to strike the perfect balance between these two aspects. You must become a leader and not a boss. A leader drives the team while a boss makes them bounded to follow them.

The right person is a perfect blend of all these traits. The right personality traits make you a successful future marketer and the admission committee looks exactly for the people who may make them proud of their choice. If you have all these traits in you then choosing the marketing specialization in your MBA program is your best decision.



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