Tech Firms Face Massive Demand-Supply Gap in Skilled Candidates

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Skilled candidates for the roles of data scientist, data engineer, software architect, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are becoming hard to find for corporate firms. There is a huge gap between demand and supply because the subjects, which help to build such skills, aren’t taught in universities and colleges. To gain specialization in these industry specific skills, students take up certifications through independent educational institutes. Krish Lakshmikanth, CEO of recruitment firm Head Hunters, India, says, “Almost 70% of the software people in organizations cannot be upgraded to these new skills. Of the 100 resumes we get, only 3-4 would be qualified.”

For older positions such as Java programmer, micro controller programmer and AUTOCAD,supply exceeds demand. Most of the universities and colleges have incorporated these subjects in their curriculum, which is responsible for over delivery of skilled candidates in the industry.Needless to say that the demand supply imbalance for candidates with new-age skills is resulting in significantly higher pay scales in these domains.

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