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Be it any business, boosting sales and earning huge profits are the major motives. Today, we will be focusing on the meaning of the term creative marketing and how it can be used to increase sales. These creative marketing strategies can be applied to any business, be it small, medium or large-scale.

Marketing, as we know, is made up of two divisions. First comes the data set or information gathering and next comes the creative aspects which aid in the positioning and strengthening or a product, brand or corporation. Data set includes a group of marketers taking notes from focus groups, collecting data on area demographics, studying and interpreting survey results and analysts crunching spreadsheets and providing references.

After all, this ground work comes the role of creative marketing. It can be called by different terms such as creative strategy and creative process. So, what is creative marketing? It comes under the creation of a product. It helps in the proper shaping of a product or service offering. It uses innovative marketing strategies to convey the story of the product to the target audiences.

Creative marketing can be looked at as tangible offering of data and ideas to enter the effective communication channels and find a place for itself in the marketplace.
Before talking about the usage of creative marketing to increase sales, let’s identify the people who are responsible for inducing the creative aspect in the marketing of a product.

Copywriter is responsible for interpreting data and make it accessible to business partners or end-users. He shapes the data into a story line, uses cohesive narration to describe the product and then passes on his work to the next creative person in line: the designer. His core function is to interpret that storyline into a meaningful presentation. He does this by replacing data with infographics or animations such that they look catchy to the human eye. The designer must make a design that is appropriate for all marketing channels.

The third person, overseeing the work of these two people, is the creative director. The tone and pace for the project are set by him. He needs to be proficient in both qualitative and quantitative analysis and ensure the integrity of the project is maintained.

Now, let’s look at the five primary creative marketing tricks that help skyrocket sales.

  1. Take to the streets

To start an effective marketing campaign and increase sales, the first step is to think beyond the four walls of your office. Walk on the roads and take that deep dive into creative marketing. Organize events such as fairs, pop-up sales, festivals and other community-oriented exhibitions and set up an enquiry desk or a booth with the details or attractive products in the background. Go through the yearly calendar and note down the list of important festivals or events in your city. Your chances of meeting your potential customers there are more likely.

  1. Rewards Program

These are great for businesses all year round. It helps stimulate sales by encouraging customers to visit your location more often and purchase your products on a regular basis. This is a perfect program for encouraging customer loyalty, especially during the off-seasons.  This helps marketers gain a competitive advantage from other businesses. This helps the marketer gain time to think about the various programs and to test the product reactions with a select group of customers.

  1. Partnership

Though any businessman or marketer does not always think of a partnership as the first option pertaining to the complexities involved when compared to a sole proprietorship, partnering with another company helps broaden reach. It helps in effective brainstorming with many brains and combining promotional ideas to launch an offer.

  1. Word of Mouth (WOM)

This is a very powerful form of creative marketing. This helps spread information about one’s business to a group of people which includes family, friends, colleagues, peers, referrals, business houses/ corporates. It helps increase the awareness of the brand amongst existing and potential customers and acts as a great supporting network for stimulating sales.

  1. Social Tabs on Competitors

Keeping social tabs helps in:

  • Following competitor accounts
  • Being abreast with post and feeds of competitor firms
  • Knowing the design and attractive features of their pages and the techniques they follow to stimulate sales and get high amount of likes and shares

Just like how every customer counts for a marketer make the presence of your product in the market count for each customer!

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