iNurture’s fully integrated career guidance app—CollegeNinja—is an all-in-one model to help students make informed career decisions. The app provides an exploratory perspective on various new-age career options. From course selection to college admissions to career development, this app manages the most crucial part of a student’s academic path in the simplest possible way.

The app also provides an open, direct line of communication between the college and prospective students. This enables a prospect to post any queries they have about courses the college offers, facilities, infrastructure, etc. and get immediate responses. The app, thus, reduces turnaround time for student queries and expedites admissions.

What makes CollegeNinja stand out?

Knowledge base:

CollegeNinja is a platform to explore next-gen programs, share information about new-age career opportunities and engage with peers, professors, and industry experts.

Focus on offbeat courses:

It provides substantial information on courses in emerging domains such as blockchain, digital business, design, data science, artificial intelligence, etc. that are not widely popular but in high demand.

Career guidance:

The app offers information and tips from industry experts to help make informed and significantly better career choices.


CollegeNinja provides information about the industry, market trends, career guidance, exam preparation, student testimonials, expert talks, memory boosters, and much more.


Users can select their preferred domain and receive alerts and curated content accordingly.

Skill enhancement:

Webinars, videos, and articles offered in the app help in developing relevant skills to get hired and succeed in a user’s respective industry.

Easy admissions:

The app also offers a simplified application process to reduce admission turnaround time.

Key Differentiators

Direct College-To-Student Engagement

Fresh, Best-In-Industry Content

Skill Sharpeners and Memory Boosters

Exam and Events Calendar

Connect with Industry Leaders