Industry Connect

KRACKiN Industry Connect

A single talent and skill management solution platform for new-age careers. Students can create their profile, update their skills, and explore jobs of their interest.

Digital Student Profile

Create a college-endorsed digital profile. Showcase your holistic personality. Capture all critical attributes important to the industry. Colleges can track both academic and extra-curricular proficiencies of the students and take suitable skilling interventions.

Personalized Skilling Journey

Students get to continuously track their technical job-readiness with a personalized skilling assistant. Students get to build the right skills, at the right time, ensuring better career outcomes.

Explore New-Age Jobs and Associated Skills

  • Zero-in on job roles
  • Understand the skills required for a position
  • Upskill themselves on the right skills directly from the university course library

Industry Connect

  • Getting access to upskilling courses, software and cloud access and other learning resources from leading technology companies.
  • Showcasing skills and capabilities of students directly to companies, enabling better industry-academia connect.
  • Enabling video conferencing with companies directly through the college portal.