Krackin Ace

What is KRACKiN?

KRACKiN is an AI-based, student engagement platform that devises a holistic association between academia and industry. It materializes outcome-based education (OBE) through the estimation of curriculum efficiency and the establishment of a choice-based credit system (CBCS).

KRACKiN for Students

  •  Artificial Intelligence-based student profiling to endorse academic achievements, skillsets and co-curricular experiences
  •  Recommendations on learning roadmap based on a chosen career path and student readiness
  •  Skilling with a catalog of ready-to-deploy, best-of-breed e-learning and blended modules
  •  Assessment and employability ranking based on the measurement of key employability metrics
  •  Recruitment through a comprehensive showcase of academic achievement and repertoire over the entire academic lifecycle

KRACKiN for Universities

  •  Industry-branded “Ready Engineer” on-campus and off-campus programs
  •  A digital platform to connect university stake-holders to the Industry
  •  In-demand skill-enhancing programs for students
  •  Better placements through assessment of industry readiness and corporate partnerships
  •  Fully integrated view of various administrative functions
  •  Increased admissions through revenue enhancement

KRACKiN for Industry

  •  One-stop interface to recruit students across multiple campuses
  •  Talent identification based on skills and employability scores showcased in student e-portfolio
  •  Custom-built, industry-endorsed learning programs to skill up students
  •  Campus Recruitment Analytics-based engine to rank prospective hires
  •  Student interactions across multiple universities to ensure continuous mindshare

KRACKiN enables digital management of campuses through the platform ‘ACE’, which facilitates paper-less admission, distance learning through LMS and virtual labs.

KRACKiN ACE is an underlying proprietary technology platform for Outcome Based Education, assessing Employability Ranking, delivering Personalized Interventions, and enabling Placements. It is a fully-integrated digital platform for campus management that builds industry-readiness for students, provides a classroom management system for professors, and creates a student information system for administrators.

Key Features of ACE


  • Digital Learning
  • Veego Virtual Labs


  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • Easy Email Access
  • Inter-University Messaging and Notification

Industry Connect

  • Digital Student Profile
  • Explore New-Age Jobs and Associated Skills
  • Personalized Skilling Journey
  • Industry Connect

Student Information System

  • Student Information
  • Timetable management
  • Attendance Management
  • Fees Notification

Academic Solution


  • Digital Profile & Portfolio
  • Employability Index
  • Job Explorer
  • Skill-X
  • Industry Connect


  • Content Delivery
  • Virtual Labs
  • Outcome Based Education
  • Virtual Classroom


  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Collaboration
  • Fees
  • Results
  • Examination Management
  • Admission
  • Dashboards & Reports