KRACKiN manages Skill-X—an end-to-end employability solution that enables students to identify changing skill requirements for various jobs and get trained in industry-relevant skills resulting in an industry-ready talent pool.

Skill-X achieves this through,

  • Student profiling based on AI-driven detailed factor analysis.
  • Recommendations on learning roadmap based on chosen career path and student readiness.
  • Skilling with a catalogue of ready-to-deploy best-of-breed e-learning and blended modules.
  • Assessment and employability ranking based on measurement of key employability metrics.
  • Recruitment through comprehensive showcase of student’s achievement and repertoire over the entire academic lifecycle.

Student Journey Through Skill-X

  • Building profile: Creating a holistic profile, showcasing academic achievements, skillsets and co-curricular experiences to the industry.
  • Identifying skills required for the job: Learning about key skills that employers are looking for in each job category.
  • Discovering jobs by domain: Getting detailed information on new-age careers, job profiles, skillset requirements, career progressions and more.
  • Upskilling: Undertaking industry-endorsed skilling courses recommended for the job at the university or from home.
  • Measuring job-readiness: Finding out whether students have these skills and identify potential gaps.
  • Getting recruited: Applying for the jobs identified, with higher chances of being recruited.

Improving Recruitment Outcomes

  • Engage students through targeted learning initiatives: Involve students right from the first year and educate them on technology trends relevant to the industry.
  • Track adoption through management dashboards: Identify talents based on skills and employability scores from the student e-portfolio and follow their progress.
  • Recruit candidates with custom-built skills: Structure a blended learning program and help mould the student journey.
  • Improve your company’s academia connect: Facilitate student interactions across multiple universities and ensure continuous mindshare.