B.Tech – CSE (Integrated with Certified Technology Professional)


The objective of this B.Tech. program in Computer Engineering (CE) is to prepare students to undertake careers involving innovation and problem solving using computational techniques and technologies, or to undertake advanced studies for research careers or to take up Entrepreneurship. In order to give due importance to applied as well as theoretical aspects of computing, the curriculum for the B.Tech. (CE) program covers most of the foundational aspects of computing sciences and also develops in students engineering skills for problem-solving using computing sciences.

Most engineering programs start with general courses in Sciences and then migrate to specialized courses for the disciplines. While these courses are indeed foundational for many engineering disciplines, they can be treated as application domains (as is evidenced from the fact that most sciences and Engineering disciplines heavily use computing now). Hence, the B.Tech. (CE) program starts with computing oriented courses first and allows the possibility of doing science courses later. Besides being better suited for a CE program, it also enables the possibility of students seeing newer applications and possibilities of using computing in new-age technologies.

With this approach, the B.Tech. (CE) program can be divided broadly into two halves. The first half focuses on building the foundations, and is highly structured. The second part is for developing skills and knowledge of students in various topics , including computing and application domains.

  • Curriculum designed as per current industry requirements
  • Program tailored to produce skilled and ready-to-deploy talent
  • Reputed university with excellent campus and infrastructure
  • Best-in-class faculty
  • Tech-enabled program delivery
  • 100% placement support* (*Terms and conditions apply)

Program Details

After successful completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Design and develop network, web-based, cloud-based computational systems.
  • Design efficient algorithms, understand software practices, and implement code with optimization.
  • Excel as professionals in the area of Computer Science and Engineering with an inclination towards continuous learning.
  • Involve in interdisciplinary innovative and creative research work to solve societal needs, adapting to rapidly evolving technologies.


*Subject to change

  • Mathematics – I 
  • Physics
  • Basic Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering Graphics & Design 
  • English – I
  • Mentoring and Counselling
  • Mathematics – II
  • Chemistry
  • Programming for Problem Solving
  • English – II
  • Workshop Practice Lab
  • Mentoring and Counselling
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Operating System
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Object Oriented Programming using Java
  • MOOC
  • Database Management Systems
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Project based learning in Java 
  • Computer Networks
  • Web Technology 
  • Soft skills and Aptitude-I
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Python Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Open Elective-I
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing 
    • Introduction to Information Security
    • Data Science
  • Communication Lab
  • Viva Industrial Training / In-house Workshop
  • Project– I
  • Introduction to UI/UX 
  • Server Side Scripting
  • Mobile  Application Development
  • Open Elective-II
    • Linux Administration
    • Network  and  Database security
    • Data Visualization
  • Soft skills and Aptitude-II
  • Placement Training 
  • Project- II
  • Javascript Frameworks
  • Environmental Science
  • Open Elective-III
    • Cloud web Services 
    • Ethical Hacking
    • Machine Learning 
  • Open Elective-IV
    • BlockChain And Distributed Technology 
    • Internet Of Things
  • Software Testing
  • Summer Training / Industrial Workshop/ Certification
  • Industrial Training/Major Project ( PT)
  • Technical Seminar

Certification Courses

  • Design thinking
  • Excel Essential
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Networks Essentials
  • Java Enterprise
  • Cloud Essentials

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Duration: 4 Years | Full-time