B.Tech. IT (Cloud Technology and Information Security)

Digitalization of business operations across industry sectors throughout the world has raised the expectations from IT. New-age technologies such as cloud computing have been gaining greater ground in the business world because of their wide-range of applications. Cloud technology is an innovation which has made it easy to store, retrieve and communicate data in remote servers through the internet. The significance of information security has been on the rise due to increased number of data security breach incidents in the recent times. The need for educational programs that are aligned with new-age technology has motivated CMR University to offer B.Tech Cloud Technology and Information Security program which is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry.

  • Reputed university with excellent campus and infrastructure
  • Best-in-class faculty
  • Curriculum designed as per current industry requirements
  • Program tailored to produce skilled and ready-to-deploy talent
  • Tech-enabled program delivery
  • 100% placement support*
(*Terms and conditions apply)

Program Details

The program is designed to enable students to achieve the following.

  • Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing, data structures, computer networks and network security
  • Get exposed to concepts of server administration, business management and professional communication
  • Learn in-depth about ethical hacking, cryptography, virtualization and cloud scripting
  • Gain practical knowledge through industry-relevant projects


*Subject to change

  • Engineering Mathematics – I
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing and Rapid Prototyping
  • Making with Electronics
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Professional Communication-I
  • Induction Programme
  • Engineering Mathematics-II
  • Engineering Physics for CSE and IT
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Workshop Practice
  • Java Programming
  • Professional Communication – II
  • Modern History of Engineering
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networks
  • Professional Communication III
  • Prepare Programme – I
  • Design Thinking – I
  • Engineering Mathematics for CS and IT
  • Principles of Virtualization
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Management Systems
  • Information and Network Security
  • Professional Communication – IV
  • Prepare Programme – II
  • Design Thinking – II
  • Open Elective
  • Business Management for Engineers
  • Python Programming
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Security
  • Professional Communication-V
  • Prepare Programme – III
  • Mini Project – I
  • Elective – I

Elective – I

  • Client Side Scripting
  • Server Side Scripting
  • Linux Shell Scripting
  • Sociology of Globalization and Sustainable Development
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Cyber Forensics and Investigation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Services
  • Professional Communication-VI
  • Prepare Program – IV
  • Mini Project-II
  • Elective – II

Elective – II

  • Security Architecture
  • Server Security
  • Database Security
  • Philosophy and Engineering Ethics
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Security Incident Management
  • Internship
  • Prepare Programme – V
  • Capstone project – Design
  • Elective- III
  • Elective- IV

Elective – III

  • Application Containerization
  • Mobile App Development
  • PowerShell Scripting

Elective – IV

  • Security for Big Data
  • Information Security Management

Security Standards and Frameworks

  • Constitution of India and Legality
  • Cloud Architectural Patterns
  • Adaptive Security Architecture
  • IT Infrastructure Library
  • Capstone project – Build
  • Elective- V

Elective – V

  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Migration

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Duration: 4 Years | Full-time