BCA Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is the sub-area of Computer Science that deals with creating software and hardware that make computers ‘intelligent’ and capable of performing tasks like humans, with thought and reason. Industries have started applying many research discoveries in this field and have made and saved millions. Challenges previously thought unsolvable are now getting cracked with sophisticated AI technology. To train aspirants in these futuristic technologies, iNurture Education Solutions has started the BCA Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program with Himalayan University Itanagar. The program will build in students the theoretical foundations and practical skills of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to face the continuously transforming and disruptive world.

  • Curriculum designed as per current industry requirements
  • Program tailored to produce skilled and ready-to-deploy talent
  • Best-in-class faculty
  • Tech-enabled program delivery using tablets, PCs and learning management system
  • Emphasis on application-oriented learning
  • Reputed university with excellent campus and infrastructure
  • 100% placement support*

Program Details

Program Objectives:

  • Prepare successful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Experts and Lead Process enablers who are competent, innovative and productive in addressing the needs of the Industry, Society and/or pursue higher education and research & development.
  • Prepare graduates that grow professionally with their knowledge and skills and develop a passion for lifelong learning. 
  • Prepare graduates with high standards of ethical conduct, positive attitude and societal responsibilities.
  • Prepare graduates as leading professionals in government, academia, and corporate having entrepreneurial pursuits.


*Subject to change

  • Mathematics – I
  • Problem-solving with Computational thinking
  • Computer Fundamentals and Organization
  • Programming in C
  • English – I
  • Learning to Learn / Digital Literacy
  • Mathematics – II
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • Software Engineering
  • Communicative English
  • Foundation Course –CTP (AIML)
  • Environmental Awareness and Action / Community Engagement and Service
  • Database Management Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Beginner Level – CTP (AIML)
  • iCODE – I
  • Employability Skills Programme – I
  • Open Elective 1
  • Computer Networks
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Intermediate Level – CTP (AIML)
  • iCODE – II
  • Employability Skills Programme – II
  • Open Elective II
  • Industrial Artificial Intelligence
  • Speech Processing
  • Advanced Level – CTP (AIML)
  • Teamwork / Coordinating / Collaborating with others / Leadership Readiness
  • Communication Skills / Analytical Reasoning
  • iCODE – III
  • Employability Enablement Programme
  • Open Elective III
  • Foreign Language
  • Artificial Intelligence Platforms
  • Complex Problem Solving / Critical Thinking
  • Simulated Apprenticeship Program / Internship

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Enrolled: 4 students
Duration: 3 Years | Full-time Program