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KRACKiN is a student-industry engagement platform built to connect students, faculty, institutions, industry and partners into a single distinct symbiotic ecosystem. The aim of the platform is to empower students to become industry-ready and create some of the best talent pools from which companies can hire based on their domain requirements. To fulfill its mission, KRACKiN allows students to create individual digital profiles through which they can connect with the industry. Students can also check and improve their employability with the help of an industry-readiness meter. KRACKiN offers students and institutions access to various resources from the industry that focus solely on skill and knowledge enhancement that can ultimately transform into better career prospects for students.

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  • Seamless student-industry interface
  • Up-to-date learning resources from the industry
  • Dedicated student profile and industry-readiness meter
  • Timely learning recommendations to improve employability score

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