Managed Campus

Managed Campus

Our comprehensive campus management services cover all aspects of the student lifecycle for our higher education partners. We leverage our experience and advanced suite of products to provide a superlative student experience and enhance our partner’s brand to significantly higher levels.

At the partner-level, we also offer managed department and managed classroom services. We leverage our industry knowledge to manage the complete administration and operation of various department(s) of the university. Technology-Enabled Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning ensure students have access to additional resources apart from classroom learning.

End-to-end campus management is achieved through,

Market assessment and program design:

Conducting a detailed and objective analysis of current market trends to evaluate the job market. New-age programs are designed based on current trends and requirements of the industry.

Content development:

Creation of industry-aligned content with inputs from domain experts, market leaders, and seasoned professionals.

Student acquisition:

Activities from lead generation to qualification, nurturing, counselling, and finally admission.

Faculty and academic services:

Training and providing skilled faculty to partners. Faculty Development Programs are conducted to foster faculty knowledge, soft skills, and professional competency.

Student administration:

Improving operational efficiency by managing services such as application processing, fee payment, support, etc.

Industry immersion:

Industry immersion through guest lectures, seminars and internships, which help students get real-time exposure to industry happenings.


Assessing student skills, bridging skill gaps, and connecting them with the right careers.