Student Acquisition

Student Acquisition

iNurture employs a multi-channel strategy for managing end-to-end student acquisition on behalf of our partners. Our complete suite of well-crafted marketing services generates appropriate leads and enrolls a high volume of qualified students for our partner universities. Our range of marketing services is laid upon the foundation of intent and involves all paid, owned and earned media touchpoints. We conduct sophisticated, state-of-the-art campaigns and offer efficient contact center services, which are adequately designed to stimulate the interest of both national and international students.

Our advanced techniques ensure that the partner universities gain an edge over their competitors. The technologies we use have proven to expedite prospective enrollment through effective management of digital assets.

Our proprietary student acquisition framework involves the following steps:

Lead Generation

Lead generation approaches are preceded by a thorough market research that helps determine the exact target audience and gain substantial insight into their mindset. Our rigorous research helps in devising an appropriate market plan and setting complementary personalized parameters. We leverage digital marketing and social media advertising services to create brand awareness of our partner universities, which attracts a great number of leads.


Our fully integrated, dynamic and customized student engagement strategies are instrumental in turning prospective intent into conversions. Our marketing team engage prospective students in an interactive, friendly and helpful manner to familiarize them with the university and programs and guide them through the admission process.


iNurture provides necessary career-, program- and university-related information and nourishes its prospective students to stimulate the conversion of prospects into admissions.

Our marketing strategies include:

Direct Marketing
Offline Marketing
Email Marketing
Paid Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media
Content Marketing