B.Sc Digital Filmmaking

B.Sc Digital Filmmaking (Integrated with International Moving Image Society, UK (Chartered Body)** –The revolutionary changes that have taken place in digital and telecommunication technology world have had a major impact on movie making industry. As a result of the introduction of digital filmmaking technology, the movie making techniques have changed greatly as compared to what they used to be about 20-30 years ago. New-age storage and production devices have enhanced the quality of the movies that are produced and improved efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the devices. Aspirants who are willing to enter the industry are required to have the knowledge and skills related to the latest tools and techniques used in the filmmaking industry. The B.Sc Digital Filmmaking (Integrated with International Moving Image Society, UK (Chartered Body)) course offered by Jain University is specifically designed to ensure that students meet the skill and knowledge needs of the industry.

  • Curriculum designed as per current industry requirements
  • Program tailored to produce skilled and ready-to-deploy talent
  • Best-in-class faculty
  • Tech-enabled program delivery using tablets, PCs and learning management system
  • Emphasis on application-oriented learning
  • Reputed university with excellent campus and infrastructure
  • 100% placement support*

Program Details

The program is the collective outcome of efforts of professionals who have several years of experience in the industry and faculty who have been teaching the subjects to students.

  • Gain basic knowledge in fundamentals of anatomy, pre-production process and life drawing
  • Gain advanced knowledge in materials and texturing, digital sketching and 3D animation design
  • Get practical training in rigging techniques, compositing techniques and character animation
  • Get a chance to work on projects under the guidance of experts


*Subject to change

Language I

  • Kannada
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Additional English
  • English – I
  • History of Art
  • Introduction to Cinema & Film Appreciation
  • Photography
  • Practical Film Making
  • Photography – Lab
  • Practical Film Making – Lab
  • Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) – 1 – Mind Management & Human Values

Language – II

  • Kannada
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Additional English
  • English – II
  • Writing for Visual Media
  • Story Board
  • Cinematography – I
  • Documentary Film Making
  • Story Board – Lab
  • Cinematography – I – Lab
  • Documentary Film Making – Lab
  • Production Design
  • Importance of Sound & Sound Special Effects
  • Editing Concepts
  • Cinematography – II
  • Importance of Sound & Sound Special Effects – Lab
  • Editing Concepts – Lab
  • Cinematography – II – Lab
  • Skill Enhancement Course II
  • Generic Elective – I
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-1 Communicative English

Skill Enhancement Course II

  • 3D Assets and 3D Assets Lab / Matte Painting

Generic Elective – I

  • Indian Aesthetics / Indian Constitution
  • Introduction to Direction for Films
  • Media and New Media Business
  • Digital Compositing
  • Advertisement Film Making
  • Digital Compositing – Lab
  • Advertisement Film Making – Lab
  • Skill Enhancement Course – III
  • Generic Electives –II

Skill Enhancement Course – III

  • Lighting and Rendering and Lighting and Rendering – Lab / 3D Dynamics and 3D Dynamics – Lab

Generic Electives – II

  • Entrepreneurial Development / Business Vertical Overview
  • Marketing & Publicity Design
  • Advanced Practical Film Making
  • Advanced Practical Film Making – Lab
  • Discipline Specific Elective – II
  • Discipline Specific Elective – II
  • Generic Electives – III
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course-II Environment Science

Discipline Specific Elective – I

  • Motion Graphics And Motion Graphics – Lab / Acting

Discipline Specific Elective – II

  • Paint and Matchmoving and Paint and Matchmoving – Lab /Rotoscopy and Keying and Rotoscopy and Keying – Lab

Generic Electives – III

  • Personality and Career Management / Contemporary Approach Management
  • Skill Enhancement Course – IV
  • Discipline Specific Elective – III
  • Generic Electives – IV

Skill Enhancement Course – IV

  • Media Laws – An Overview / Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality – Lab

Discipline Specific Elective – III

  • Inhouse Internship / Production Internship / Corporate Internship

Generic Electives – IV

  • Creative Thinking / Introduction to Journalism

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Duration: 3 Years | Full-time